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The truth about physical store closures in retail

Brian Walker We sit so high on the city walls Our tears wash clean the cobblestones It’s not so much that the thrill is gone Just a cleaner, sweeter, brighter thrill has come along – Bernard Fanning To read the retail headlines, on occasion, in ours and in other countries, is to read the story of a retail Armageddon – …

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What does the future hold for Australian Retailers?

An elite group of Australian Retail CEOs met in Sydney on 20 February to gain wisdom from acclaimed retail strategists Rory Scott and Brian Walker and to do some crystal ball gazing on a successful approach to retailing in the future. Brian Walker, CEO and Founder of Retail Doctor Group, shared examples of innovative global approaches to “omniexperience” or creating …

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What benchmarks should you be using in retail?

Peter Sheppard   It’s always important to measure how your business is tracking. Profit and loss statements, cash flows and ROI are all common tools that are used to measure business performance. However, seldom do they measure how your business performed against its competitors or the market in general. There are other numbers that are equally important when it comes …

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