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Future Of Shopping Centre

 The Beginning of the End of the Shopping Centre Lease?

By Brian Walker CEO & Founder, Retail Doctor Group In a world lit by data, street corners are painted with contextual information, automobiles can navigate autonomously, thermostats respond to patterns of activity, and retail outlets change as rapidly (and individually) as search results from Google. – John Battelle The triumphant reign of pterosaurs ended with this giant flier. At the end of …

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Consumer Insights Accounts Digimind

How can we predict the consumer of 2021 and beyond? 

By Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis Head of Insights, Retail Doctor Group Let’s take a journey back in time to January 2020…  Tartan trousers and micro bags were the fashion choices, whilst sipping pink gin or Frose, streaming “Leaving Neverland” and the final series of “Game of Thrones”, TikTok and Twitch were the secrets of Gen Z unknown to the mainstream masses.  Fast forward a mere 12 months and the world has changed …

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