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Understand WHY your customer chooses you.

Different consumers need different experiences

At Retail Doctor Group, we leverage the latest research on human decision-making to create an actionable competitive advantage for retailers and brands. Our consumer insight process combines classic market research methodology with consumer neurosciences. This is then analysed with our specialised retail knowledge so we can tell you what your consumers can’t.

Actionable Customer Insights

We understand your core market, their subconscious drivers and what your brand really means to consumers. Importantly we help you leverage these customer insights to enhance your strategic positioning and deploy actionable improvements in your retail environment.

RDG Limbic Insights™ proprietary methodology leverages the latest research on emotionally driven consumer decision-making. This enables our clients to create actionable competitive advantages for their store, websites, brands and shopping centres.

Our clients have seen a 20% increase in brand awareness and up to 75% increase in brand preference. This is the missing link between understanding the real drivers of consumer behaviours, strategic branding and operational implications at the point of sale.

Our Programs

Our consumer personality profiling program will inform you as to current consumer personalities, demographics, profiles, consumer perceptions, subconscious drivers, types of consumers most attracted to your offer and the opportunities for growth in your business.

The outcomes of the personality profiling program are tailored solutions you can implement to transform your retail business.

Using Limbic Insights™ personality profiling allows us to determine our leader’s natural propensity for change and from this work, determine effective change leadership. This will then give guidance to the optimum team performance models, motivations and how to guide your team to achieve transformation in your business.

Our unique consumer tracking program provides ongoing analysis of your brand awareness, brand performance and consumer conversion including recommended steps for refinement.

Monitoring of consumer competitor awareness and choice set.

Monitoring the effects of your marketing efforts through determining the direct impact of marketing campaigns and consumer touchpoint. Starting with a benchmark of current consumer awareness through an existing marketing strategy, determining optimum marketing spend allocation, followed by ongoing tracking of marketing performance and ongoing refinement.

Their knowledge and involvement in the digital space puts them are at the forefront of this field and therefore have been able to recommend highly specialised associated organisations to partner with us in our total digital strategy.
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1. Choose who you are trying to understand (e.g. your current consumers) and we’ll develop the right sample and research design.

2. Delve into their minds…

3. To create actionable customer insights and consumer profiles.

4. Inspire your consumers with a meaningful brand and make predictive decisions. We work with you to pilot, refine & measure ROI over time.

Do you want learn more about our unique customer profiling packages that can greatly improve your retail consumer insights. It could be the competitive advantage you need.

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