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Motivate, Educate, Elevate

Our proprietary Fit for Business™ Program is a comprehensive business assessment, retailer training and coaching program. We have designed it to motivate and educate you to be the best retailer you can be.

You will be engaging in tailored, one-on-one coaching sessions with retail expert and Head of Implementation, Peter Sheppard.  He will provide you with:

  1. Initial skill assessment with proprietary Fit for Business™ scoring instrument
  2. Practical tools & training for sustained improvement over a 6 month period
  3. Ongoing coaching with tailored advice & support customised to your business

Get Fit for Business™

  • Big-picture perspective: our retail diagnostic skills can identify the gaps between current delivery and required best practice for your industry.
  • Detailed operational playbook: pin point the exact areas for improvement to increase performance in sales, profitability and cash flow.
  • Foundational understanding: performance analysis against target and current national benchmarks.
  • Independent expert perspective: measure your business against best practice and industry standards.
  • Fill the gaps: identify the steps needed to close the gaps between current profitability, cash flow and benchmarks.
  • Step-by-step mentoring: expert advice on priorities and how to work them into the module framework with clear “how to steps”.
  • Ongoing relationship: long-term orientation through ongoing mentoring and providing highly measurable solutions.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, RDG experts have worked with over 400 businesses. These range from start-ups, to national & global omni-channel retailers, retail service providers, shopping centres and not-for-profit organisations. We guarantee our retail experts can drive better outcomes for your business through our customised retail training sessions.

Contact us on +61 2 9460 2882 or email [email protected].

Fitness Action Program for Shopping Centres

Invest in training your retailers to build a stronger shopping centre, reduce retailer issues and improve your asset value. Combining our retail diagnostic assessment, with experienced strategy and training, we can help you meet your business targets.

Our Shopping Centre Fitness Action Program combines a series of group workshops with one-on-one coaching sessions for the retailers you nominate, conveniently delivered right in your centre. Click here for more information.

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Our retailer training programs can be tailored to include the following and many other retail consulting services.

✓ Fit for Business™
✓ Fit for Growth™
✓ Health Checks – monitoring
✓ Shopping centre retailer support
✓ Benchmark analysis
✓ Omni-Channel planning
✓ Retail Operations Procedures
✓ Category analysis & Stock Mix
✓ Financial Management
✓ Executive Sales Strategy Coaching
✓ Retail Skills Training Programs
✓ Mystery Shopping
✓ Visual Merchandising Guidelines
✓ Retail Store Design
✓ Recruitment
✓ Local Area Marketing Guidelines
Contact us for more information on any retailer training package we could offer you and your business.