Emotional key values

Curiosity | Spontaneity | Variety | Fun | Creativity

Brain & Behaviour

The brain of Hedonists is dominated by the happiness hormone dopamine. As a consequence, Hedonists are driven by creativity, innovations, and extraordinary experiences. Hedonists can be met wherever the new and extraordinary are found.

Goals and drivers

Fun and new experiences are two of the most essential principles of a Hedonist’s life. Hedonists are prototypical early adopters, who are the first to engage in new trends and experiences.

Barriers and dislikes

The hedonist will not respond well to highly structured and organised environment as it constrains their natural drive for adventure and creativity.

They will lose focus quickly if they are not enjoying the task.

Following routine and process will be low on their list of priorities.

Workplace style

  • Will generate ideas.
  • Enjoys being around people and the focus.
  • Will come up with ideas and innovations
  • Will entertain

 Organisational style

  • Does not like structure and organisation
  • Not as focussed on the minute details
  • Will rely on others to create order and complete tasks

Management style

The Hedonist enjoys being around people and will create a fun and exciting environment for their team. They will keep their team engagement and motivated however will not enforce structure or routine.

Reactions to change

The hedonist thrives on change and will be a leader of change.

They will be the advocates and lead others into new situations.

 Ideal roles

  • Marketing
  • Arts based
  • Creative
  • Motivator