Emotional key values

Contentment, reason, discipline, precision

Brain & Behaviour

Due to the slightly increased concentration of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine and the stress hormone cortisol, the right-wing, pessimistic brain half is somewhat more active in traditionalists. They therefore check everything very carefully and deal with details for a long time. They are less open to newcomers.

  • They have a focus on functionality, quality and detail.
  • Driven by security and reliability.
  • They will follow process and make order.
  • They are less inclined to be creative.

Goals and drivers

Traditionalists are driven primarily by safety and trust. They are guided by common sense and will follow their intuition.

They are looking for reassurance and security and are driven by reliability.

Barriers and dislikes

The traditionalist does not like to take risks and will always opt for the proven and know path and solution.

They like to feel in control and situations where the process or outcome cannot be controlled will make them feel uneasy.

Workplace style

  • Will follow processes in detail
  • Will rely on previous knowledge and experience to guide their decisions.
  • Will complete repetitive tasks if needed.
  • Will not respond well to employees who do not follow the rules.
  • Prefers to work alone or in small teams
  • They will know their opinion and not be changed. Will dictate rather than resolve.
  • They will be loyal and stay with companies for the long haul.

Organisational style

  • Following process, logic and order is needed.
  • They will follow proven methodology.
  • Will happily complete repetitive tasks as they know the outcome.

Management style

  • They are very resilient and will not take things personally.
  • They are strong and silent, will observe and make judgement.
  • They will follow process and discipline and will expect others too. Therefore will not tolerate those who do not follow the rules.

Reactions to change

  • They are not open to change as others.
  • Much prefer to maintain routine and process as it has always been

Ideal roles

  • Works well with process and routine
  • Singular
  • Organisational, planning and structured.