New market entrants, game changers and disruptors are making even the largest, most established and loved brands question their approach and position.

Amazon nationally made headlines last year with their arrival in the Australian market. Retailers had grave concerns about the impact of Amazon. Retail Doctor Group’s Customer Insights Division called on Lightspeed to explore what consumers are really saying and ensure that the more traditional retail market is correctly informed.

Retail Doctor Group’s Insights Division, headed by Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, conducted original research into consumer perceptions and behaviours through:

  • Leveraging mobile to conduct surveys in order to gain insights into brand recognition and brand expectations
  • Collecting and analyzing data with real time feedback using mobile technology
  • Comparing and contrasting data and using it to inform business strategy in order to prepare for disruptive competition

Anastasia presented the findings at the Market Research for a Mobile World APAC Conference in Singapore on June 27 and 28, including:

  • 1 in 3 of the Australian population now shop on
  • 1 in 5 customers would consider signing up for Amazon Prime with an additional 32% still deciding!
  • 97 % of retailers expected their customers to start shopping at Amazon.

To find out more about the research results and to discuss the implications and strategies applicable for your business, contact Anastasia on +61 2 9460 2882 or