Omnichannel Excellence | Digital Innovators

Today’s consumers expect high levels of convenience and personalisation, so retailers should be taking full advantage of technologies such as mobile applications, AI and interactive screens to advance the shopping experience. However, simply offering multiple channels does not result in high ROI. Digital innovation goes hand-in-hand with a seamless blend between all customer contact points in an omnichannel sales approach.

To celebrate Australian Retailers who are taking Omnichannel Excellence and Digital Innovations to the next level, Retail Doctor Group is proud to acknowledge our homegrown high achievers. In the lead-up to the ultimate retail event of 2021, our Awards Ceremony, let’s take a sneak-peek at some of the finalist nominations.

Perfect timing for perfect shopping
Woolworths’ Scan & Go is the new way to shop in store and skip check-out queues. The supermarket giant began a testing-period at limited store locations for the new application in 2020, right in the midst of pandemic conditions that were causing customers to feel apprehensive about spending long periods of time in-store. The time-saving, self-serve checkout process that doesn’t involve shared touch-screens or queues was especially welcome and helped to significantly reduce POS friction experienced during the year.

Increasing transaction rate and basket-size
Between the Flags, a beach inspired apparel brand, have seen recent success through the introduction of touch screens that not only feature the usual functions of browsing product information and add-on offers, but also enable customers to continue their purchase journey where they left off online. These touchscreens, implemented to provide a seamless shopping experience, have supported an increase in transaction rates from around 57 to 151 transactions per hour during peak periods while improving basket size by 14%.

Agility: balance, strength, speed and control
The roll-out of a new immersive store has generated excitement for rebel sport customers. Dubbed ‘rebel customer experience’, it features a virtual gaming room, basketball hoops, and in-house personal stylists. “It’s all about continuous improvement to enhance the interaction customers have with the brand”, according to General Manager, Tom Leak. Fresh and exciting retail experiences will encourage customers to come back for more than just the products and build stronger relationships with the brand.

Want to learn more from Australia’s winning retail innovators? See the above examples and more category finalists such as Bunnings Warehouse, Dan Murphy’s, MECCA and Muffin Break take the stage for the Australian Retail Innovators 2021. Register Now to join us at 8:30am, April 13.