Since the launch of Amazon in Australia in 2017, Australian retail leaders have been asking:

  • How will Amazon impact the Australian retail landscape?
  • How do we guide retailers through this disruption?
  • Will it change Australian consumer behaviour?

Retail Doctor Group’s Insights Division recently led a research study into consumer perceptions and behaviour towards the launch of Amazon in Australia and found that:

  • 1 in 3 of the Australian population now shop on
  • 1 in 5 customers would consider signing up for Amazon Prime with an additional 32% still deciding! That’s over half the population with a potential to sign up.
  • 97 % of retailers expected their customers to start shopping at Amazon.

So the question is: how will Australian retailers adapt and gain their unfair share? This is a game changer.

This research will be presented at the Market Research for a Mobile World  APAC Conference in Singapore, June 27-28 by Retail Doctor Group’s Head of Insights, Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis. Anastasia will be presenting the results of our research into Amazon’s impact on the Australian market and how to win in this post Amazon world.

Anastasia will also be presenting our research findings at our industry leading 2018 Fit for Business™ Breakfast on July 3rd in Sydney. Come along to learn how to lead in this era of disruption.