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To assist Chatime by delivering the customer insights required to underpin their strategic plan for the Chatime brand going forward. The objective of the work was to not only gain a greater understanding of their current loyal customer base but to also target the local market and non-Asian community in Australia.


Conduct consumer insights research to understand the different consumer types that currently move towards Chatime, and consumer types that are ideal future targets.


  • Delivered a Retail Strategy Workshop using identified consumer profiles to develop a strategic platform that is carried across all marketing and branding, e.g. for campaign development, retail design, website design etc.
  • Provided strategic direction on how the Chatime retail, product and brand experience are best designed to maximise impact with the identified core target segments.


  • Chatime was able to tailor their marketing efforts to attract identified consumer segments and reduce their marketing costs.
  • The tracker study enabled Chatime to review their work to date and understand where it had the most impact on its target market.
  • Chatime has successfully increased loyalty and new customers through an optimised and tailored customer experience for the Australian marketplace.
Format: Taiwanese Beverage Store
Store Location: Global
Merchandise Mix: Bubble Tea
We have been building our insights strategy on an ongoing basis with RDG. Understanding the evolving dynamic of both market and consumer as a foundation to support our growth targets has been integral to ensure we remain relevant and lead our sector. RDG's “Limbic” consumer profiling has certainly provided deeper, richer and meaningful insights and has shaped many facets of our strategy. RDG is a true business partner who understands retail implementation and bring their A game every time.”
Carlos Antonius