Redefining a national health channel

Go Vita
Go Vita


Go Vita appointed Retail Doctor Group to assist them in a refinement of their operating strategy to underpin further growth.


Customer profiling and customer research exploring purchase decisions, drivers including pre-purchase and in store.


Developed a clear point of difference positioning and implementation strategy predicated upon RDG insights influencing all channels from website, advertising, branding, to in-store category management and staff expertise.


Through a Fit for Business™ program RDG worked with Go Vita to deliver the strategy at store level. Including retailer training and strategy workshops.


  • New store prototype built on consumer insight modelling
  • Retail positioning and deployment strategy developed and implemented
  • Sales at 10% growth on implementation
Format: Health retailer and manufacturer
Store Location: Australia wide
Number of Stores: 150+ stores
Merchandise Mix: Health supplements
We are seeing enormous success across our retail channel, with sales at double digit growth.”
Juston Jirwander
Chairman of the board