Successfully opening FMCG retail to double digit growth



To assist Verosol in refining and driving their residential/ retail strategy, to achieve greater trading results.


Utilising diagnostics of existing business, consumer and market insights into strategic workshop and deployment.


  • B2B Dealer Distributor Interviews
  • Mystery Shopping Program
  • B2C Customer Insights Study
  • Retail Diagnostics.


  • Completed consumer insights program which resulted in: closing existing knowledge gaps, understanding of current dealer interpretation and actions regarding the brand and its implementation.
  • RDG identified the current end customer experience in the network and identified where increased sales volume and brand preference will come from
  • Full retail strategy and deployment completed with refined distribution models
  • Full implementation plan
  • Strong sales growth above target.
Format: Specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of premium quality window coverings
Store Location: Global
Number of Stores: 60 showrooms in Australia, more than 45 partners and over 80 affiliates worldwide
The work conducted was substantial on a number of fronts and the human factor quite unique, the skills required were a blend of empathy, being able to relate but also having control over the big picture. ”
Nicolas Rayer
Managing Director