B2B Customer Insights Leading Strategic Direction 



To assist in developing a market strategy, with the aim to identify both organic growth opportunities as well as new markets.


Conducted quantitative and qualitative customer research with the outcomes of:
  • Understanding the competitive landscape
  • Understanding customer perception of the Visionstream brand, POD and positioning in the marketplace
  • Understanding of changes in technology, marketplace and customer requirements for now and future.
  • Understanding of Visionstream’s brand image, strengths and weaknesses in the marketplace.


  • Facilitation of strategy workshops to identify actions needed to increase revenue and develop new business.
  • Development of key steps for Visonstream to become an active partner with its customers


  • Increased customer engagement with Visionstream through feedback and face to face conversations.
  • Detailed brand positioning, including market opportunities and steps on how to act upon them.
Format: B2B network provision
In my dealings with Brian I have found him to be a natural retailer. He is able to display an empathy for retailing that leads to businesses seeking his advice and leadership. His viewpoint is unique and invaluable.”
Brandt Callaghan
National Manager, Business Development