During the past 4 years, Retail Doctor Group’s Insights Division has reached out to Australian retailers and consumers to track how their behaviour and sentiment is changing.

This year, working with our Global Partners Ebeltoft Group and on behalf of the World Retail Congress, the research looks into the gap between consumer behaviour and retailer strategy and identifying both the gaps and importantly, the deployment steps to closing them.

The Whitepaper shows you how to successfully adapt with the following topics:

  • Retailer focus for 2023/ 2024 
  • The retail ecosystem
  • Customer engagement
  • What retailers need to do to captivate customers
  • Future retail outlook from 2023 to 2028

Discover opportunities for your business, strategies to capitalise upon and how you can execute to win and stay ahead.

Download our 2023 Consumer and Global Retailer Sentiment Whitepaper

If you are interested in how you can achieve a better understanding of your customers’ minds, contact us at businessfitness@retaildoctor.com.au or call us on +61 2 9460 2882