Retail Doctor Group’s Limbic Insights™ – Neuroscientific Consumer Personality Profiling is driving innovation and at the leading edge of market research.

RDG Limbic Insights™ proprietary methodology leverages the latest research on consumer decision-making to create actionable competitive advantage for retailers, brands and shopping centres.

Our approach?​

Emotional appeal is significantly more effective than rational and logical communication strategies. Understanding the psychological structures of your consumers is the key to unlocking your success. Operating under the radar of the conscious mind – the limbic system of the brain drives 95% of emotional consumer decisions.

Retail Doctor Group is not just another research agency or brand consultancy. We specialise in understanding your target market’s motivations, by understanding their personality types. By tapping into what matters to the consumer – including and beyond what words can express – we create a significant competitive advantage for our clients.

What is the one thing you wish your customers could tell you? Register to download our informative whitepaper, which will be released early November, and we will show you how Limbic Insights™ unlocks the answer.