The greatest technological changes in societal history have begun, accordingly, the retail industry has transformed significantly. One clear insight is that the divide between buying and shopping for customers is growing rapidly.

The growth of gated data communities utilising data as the oil of their machines, as well as the emerging force of artificial intelligence and predictive data analytics, has rewritten the future.

We predict an increase in prediction data and analytics, automatic inventory reordering and intensification in convenience fulfilment. Retailers are designing the architecture of a simultaneously derived model and focussing on clear utilisation of point of difference supported by clear channel relevance in approach and technologies.

Retail Doctor Group and Glory Global have done a deep dive to research and create a whitepaper on the Future of Retail, specifically in the Shopping and Buying Experience, highlighting the growing divide.

If you are a retailer intent on transforming your business for a successful future then download the whitepaper today.


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