Access to the world and new offerings now sits in the hands of people with effortless swipe and tap gestures. Several industries have experienced major transformation, particularly with the rise of new and innovative technology solutions. Retailers must leverage this technology to advance their position in the market.

The retail industry is in a state of flux with many large retailers and brands permanently shutting shop due to a multitude of reasons, as we witness a changing of the guard and new-retail models emerge. As retail evolves and converges with society’s new habitual behaviour of “always on” expectations of convenience and high quality, personalised service have increased.

However, human capability cannot meet these expectations at scale. Strategies and tactics must be matched with data intelligence to realise the full potential of AI in retail.

Retail Doctor Group with the support of Microsoft and Okkular, have researched and created a whitepaper that looks at emerging technologies and how they have transformed retail into a new age.

This whitepaper will also include:
– Introduction to artificial Intelligence
– Challenges being faced by companies
– How Okkular are approaching it
– How retailers can start adopting artificial intelligence

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