Retail Innovations 13

2018 Global Retail Trends & Innovations


Now in its 13th year, our white paper “Global Retail Innovations” brings together the best of innovative retailing from around the world together with insightful commentary from our global partners Ebeltoft Group, international retail experts. As the Australian elected member, Retail Doctor Group is pleased to announce the launch of Global Retail Innovations 13, now available as a download for interested parties within the Australian market.

The four “hot trends” of the year are:

  • Smart Shopping – Simplicity // On demand
  • Interactions – Shop Socialise // Expertise
  • Brand Intensity – Discovery // Passion
  • Responsibility – Caring // Purpose

The study and adoption of innovative ideas lead to major changes in the way we see businesses go to market. It is easy to spot these changes when we reflect back on retail history. It is more difficult, but ultimately more important, to understand and react to these changes as they are happening now.


Through presentations and workshops, Retail Doctor Group develop dynamic sessions to help your management team better understand these changes and explore the following key concerns:

  • What are the main game-changing ideas that are propelling retail forward?
  • How does this apply to me and my local retail market?
  • How can I incorporate elements of omni-channel retailing?
  • How do I incorporate new technologies into my retail concept?
  • How can I think about my business model in a new way?
  • How can I blend the online and offline experience?
  • How can I increase the role that the customer plays in creating and determining the future.

If you have not done so already, check out our Boardroom Briefings here to see how you can inspire your senior leadership team to the future of retail, including presentation of Global Retail Innovations 13.

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