Fit for Business™ Roadmap

How efficient and Fit for Business™ is your retail business?

Our implementation team conducts a one-day retail checkup, which includes:

Discussions with stakeholders and business leaders to understand alignment
Your business goals will be measured against where the business sits currently. Identifying these gaps enables RDG to recommend the right steps to build a more efficient retail network.

Review of all content and data for an in-depth analysis
This will include; business issues and goals, strategic growth plan, perceived gaps, current consumer research, organisation structure, financial analysis, customer feedback, and omnichannel capability.

Fit for Business™ modules

These modules will be utilised to evaluate all areas that contribute to an efficient retail business, which include:

  • Strategy Sensor
  • Brand Aid
  • Customer Connection
  • Effective People
  • Category Cardio™
  • Fiscal Physical™
  • Visual Impact
  • Omni Channel Mix (Ecosystem)
  • Performance Pulse

Visit to stores with your representative
This will identify the retail operations, store experience, culture & values, review of the leadership framework and of course sales benchmarks.

Competition doesn’t wait so why should you?
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