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Leadership that matters to your people

By David Kindl Advisory Board, Retail Doctor Group At Retail Doctor Group, we work with retailers to help them improve and prosper. We assess each part of their business, identify opportunities for growth, how we can make improvements and ultimately implement initiatives, whilst working closely with the client, to achieve the outcomes they desire.   One key area is to have a high performing Leadership Style that impacts the entire organisation.   Retail is all about …

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Retail best practice for social cause

AUSTRALIAN RETAIL INNOVATORS 2021 Social Cause People are the driving force behind all businesses be they customers or employees. Many retailers have adopted social cause in their vision, mission and values to strive for a better society and more meaningful business practice. To celebrate Australian Retailers who have joined the fight for social cause, Retail Doctor Group is proud to …

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Retail best practice in omnichannel and digital innovation

AUSTRALIAN RETAIL INNOVATORS 2021 Omnichannel Excellence | Digital Innovators Today’s consumers expect high levels of convenience and personalisation, so retailers should be taking full advantage of technologies such as mobile applications, AI and interactive screens to advance the shopping experience. However, simply offering multiple channels does not result in high ROI. Digital innovation goes hand-in-hand with a seamless blend between …

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Walking, not talking, the story on people in your business

By Sylvia Katiforis Head of RDG Training Academy, Retail Doctor Group It’s no surprise that the Australian retail industry has faced a high degree of instability as a result of the pandemic: stores shutting their doors and then re-opening (and for some states happening again and again), Job Seeker and Job Keeper payments (which ends on 28th March 2021), stock challenges, the list goes on.  Despite these challenges, Retail Trade remains Australia’s second largest employing industry, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Recent trading results …

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Retail best practice in customer experience, research and strategy

AUSTRALIAN RETAIL INNOVATORS 2021 Customer Experience | Research & Strategic Focus Customer Experience is both a science and an art.. and the ultimate win is to delight a customer on their purchase journey. Innovation in creating a unique customer experience isn’t generated out of thin air, however. Understanding just who your customer is and what they value, are the first …

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Why gut instinct is just not enough in building retail strategy

By Brian Walker CEO & Founder, Retail Doctor Group “Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.” (Robert Heller)   Recently, I witnessed a senior retail business leader, when talking through their business strategy, its positioning and deployment, describe how this work had been conceived from the “gut” or his intuition. In other words, it was their experience, and instinct that led them to …

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Australian Retail Innovators 2021 – In-person

The 2021 Australian Retail Innovators embrace the transformative nature of Australian retail and evolve to be one step ahead of the time. To further celebrate the achievements of the finalists we are hosting the award presentation as an exclusive CEO event on April 13 in Sydney. This registration form is to express interest in attending the event in-person in Sydney. …

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Sustainable retail…where do retailers even start? 

By Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis Head of Insights, Retail Doctor Group Why should companies take environmental and social issues seriously? With recent crisis, far from being a passing fad, it seems that this will be the best way to have a sustainable business over time. We are facing unprecedented times of change, experiencing major transformations in consumption habits and the way we …

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