Emotional key values

Brain & Behaviour

For the Open-minded a sense of well-being is the most important possession. The Open-minded strives for a free and optimistic life. Comfort is their major principle. They are open and life-affirming. Experiences with the family are very important. Their motto: indulge and be indulged.

Goals and drivers

Open-minded look for pleasure and great experiences, sparking their dreams and fantasies. They are motivated by health and well being and are always seeking a pleasurable experience. They are looking to enjoy a relaxing and un-stressful life.

Open-minded are very sociable. They do not leave out an opportunity to meet new people.

Barriers and dislikes

Open-Minded seek positive and life affirming experiences so any situation that creates a negative feeling they will actively avoid. Situations that involve debate or tension will be evaded.

Workplace style

  • Enjoyment and a harmonising experience is a key focus.
  • Will generate ideas.
  • Enjoys being around people but is equally happy in their own company.
  • Is looking for a positive experience at all times

 Organisational style

  • Will be laid back and loosely structured.
  • They will follow process if it is enjoyable.

Management style

The dominant emotional system in the Open-Minded is stimulance so they naturally look to keep their team engaged however will look for a relaxing environment hence will be laid back in their management style.

Reactions to change

The Open-Minded is open to change if they can see the positive in it. They will be more emotional in their reactions however will be encouraging of others if they can see the benefit of the journey and the outcome .

 Ideal roles

  • Arts based
  • Creative