Emotional key values

Contentment, reason, discipline, precision

Brain & Behaviour

The sexual hormone testosterone dominates the brain of the Performer. Hence, Performers are driven by ambition and optimism. Performers like power, status and prestige. They must prove to themselves and the rest of the world that they are the best. Their ego always has to win through.

  • Ambitious
  • Performance-oriented
  • Get to the point –make it quick
  • Early adopter
  • Always wanting to further educate
  • Willing to take a risk
  • Efficient
  • Driven by the outcome

Goals and drivers

Performers are highly driven and motivated in all areas.

They are motivated by success, achievement and status. They will strive for victory in everything they do. They take pride in their work and their accomplishments and gaining the respect of their peers is important to them. They have clear career goals and obtaining hierarchical titles, awards and certifications is a key driver.

Barriers and dislikes

Their underlying attitude is “get to the point and make it quick”. They will be demotivated to read large amounts of data and details and will expect key summaries and factual evidence. Time is of extreme importance to them and inefficiencies will frustrate them.

Workplace style

  • Leader
  • Efficient
  • No-nonsense
  • To the point

Organisational style

  • They will be very organised
  • They will set high goals for themselves, the organisation and all around them
  • They work to tight schedules and expect efficiency in all areas

Management style

The emotional system of dominance is governing the personality of the performer and the  testosterone in the brain means they are natural leaders.

  • They will give clear direction
  • They have high expectations
  • They will be assertive

Reactions to change

The Performer will react well to change so long as there is a productive reason with a key outcome and goal. They will especially engage in change if it allows for success, additional achievement and staying ahead of others.

Ideal roles

  • All leadership roles
  • Entrepreneur