Customer Experience | Research & Strategic Focus

Customer Experience is both a science and an art.. and the ultimate win is to delight a customer on their purchase journey. Innovation in creating a unique customer experience isn’t generated out of thin air, however. Understanding just who your customer is and what they value, are the first steps to surprising them with fantastic, out-of-the-box experiences. Customer experience goes hand in hand with research and strategic focus.

To celebrate Australian Retailers who have excelled in both Customer Experience and in leveraging Research and Strategic Focus, Retail Doctor Group is proud to acknowledge our homegrown high achievers. In the lead-up to the ultimate retail event of 2021, our Awards Ceremony, let’s take a sneak-peak at some of the finalist nominations.

Cooking up a storm in customer experience
“Customers are looking for much more than just a building full of products,” according to Barbeques Galore CEO Angus McDonald. Barbeques Galore are “bringing people together around the flame” with new store element The Steakhouse, which is a bbq cooking area for customers to see, hear, and smell to enrich their shopping experience.

Reimagining your strategic brand purpose
Genesis have revolutionised pre-research in the auto sector with a state-of-the-art concept store in a CBD location. Their innovative model includes manufacturer-owned stores rather than the traditional dealership model, concierges rather than salesmen, test drives at the customer’ chosen location and to top it off, a strict fixed-price, look-no-further deal-closer.

Capitalising on consumer insights
“Speaking to the right segments” has been crucial to Amber Tiles in developing their ‘X-Factor’ strategy says CEO Shirley Liew. Amber Tiles not only sells the products but, importantly, the values and complete solutions to their customers in each of the B2B and B2C segments.

Want to learn more from Australia’s winning retail innovators? See other category finalists such as Icon By Design, Vinnies Victoria, Aussie Broadband and The Party People take the stage for the Australian Retail Innovators 2021. Register Now to join us at 8:30am, April 13.