Social Cause

People are the driving force behind all businesses be they customers or employees. Many retailers have adopted social cause in their vision, mission and values to strive for a better society and more meaningful business practice.

To celebrate Australian Retailers who have joined the fight for social cause, Retail Doctor Group is proud to acknowledge our homegrown high achievers. In the lead-up to the ultimate retail event of 2021, the Australian Retail Innovators Awards Ceremony, let’s take a sneak-peek at some of the finalist nominations.

Unfudge our Future
At Ben & Jerry’s, social initiative is part of the very dough that makes up the business. The focal effort in Australia is on climate justice. Stephanie Curley, Impact & Activism manager in Australia & New Zealand, shared that “Australia, in particular, is a big player in the world in terms of our climate impact. We’re a major exporter of fossil fuels as well as a major user of fossil fuels.” Ben & Jerry’s most recent campaign “Unfudge our Future” saw over 10,000 supporters, with 1,500 handwritten postcards by fans in their stores, calling out for the government to invest in a cleaner and more resilient Australia. This is the result of aiming to do more than just philanthropy for the sake of the business and instead make real social change.

Giving a hand-up, rather than a hand-out
Good Sammy Enterprises provides meaningful employment and training opportunities to West Australians living with disability. They believe in “giving a hand-up, rather than a hand-out” to their program participants, as they work towards independence. When shop-fronts moved online during 2020, Good Sammy took this as an opportunity to offer training in digital skills, modelling, photography, and packing and posting goods. They have also partnered with Curtin University to invite design students to share their skills in sewing and designing with program participants. The impact of this initiative goes beyond the disability community, as participants are assisted in their career-paths and advocacy efforts in the wider community work toward more inclusive opportunities and work-spaces.

Want to learn more from Australia’s winning retail innovators? See the above examples and more category finalists such as inc kid and Santos Organics take the stage for the Australian Retail Innovators 2021 where we will announce category winners. Register your interest now to join us at 8:30am, April 13.

Meet the Judging Panel

People are also what makes the Australian Retail Innovators possible. We have invited an international judging panel of retail experts to select the winner of each category.