Humanising the Brand

Aussie Broadband
Aussie Broadband


Aussie Broadband sought several key insights to drive the evolution of their brand:
  • How can they differentiate from their market of service providers?
  • What is the current customer journey when looking to move internet providers?
  • Who is their current customer and what do they need from them?
  • Who else could be their customers and how do they get them to engage with Aussie Broadband?


Conducted Limbic Insights™ consumer research via:
  1. Online study of a representative sample of the Australian general population and Aussie Broadband customers. Sent via email.
  2. 3392 successful valid responses.
  3. Qualitative study of business customers. Telephone interviews with 20 existing customers and 20 non-customers.
  4. Gap analysis between current performance and customer expectations.
We uncovered:
  • What customers expect in an internet service provider
  • How Aussie Broadband is perceived by both customers and non-customers
  • What existing customers love about the brand and what the areas of improvement are
  • Main reasons for customer churn


  1. Developed new marketing plan aimed at humanising the brand using a customer-centric approach to elevate the brand's human touch and foster stronger customer relationships.
  2. Identifying and optimising strategic marketing channels to effectively increase customer awareness.
  3. Crafting a distinctive brand point of difference integrated into awareness campaigns, targeting both existing customers and potential new customers.
  4. Utilising key customer pain points as a foundation for reducing customer churn and enhancing customer acquisition.


Format: Telecommunications