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Fixed Price Car Service (AutoGuru)
Fixed Price Car Service (AutoGuru)


Seeking to understand and further define current as well as new strategic target segments for Fixed Price Car Service; and to determine the ideal strategic positioning and treatments for the brand to successfully capitalise on growth opportunities in the marketplace.


Engaged a Limbic® Consumer Product & Brand Development report. The scope of this research is to sample the market to identify consumer attitudes, behaviour, motivations and reservations in relation to car maintenance in the lead up to the new Fixed Price website launch, following an recently acquired investment.


Conducted a Strategy Workshop to identify who potential customers are today and in the future, as well as where the opportunities are to engage this audience via brand marketing and product development.


  • 20% reduction in marketing expenditure
  • 40% growth in customer database
Format: Online Car Service Comparison and Booking Engine
Store Location: Online + 600 Participating Stores Australia Wide
We have found the Limbic Profiling Method to be more specific to emotional triggers for consumers and their purchase decisions, more so than traditional market research.  Post our market survey, the consumer insights report which was delivered by RDG Insights has been received positively and has invigorated our brand development planning and serves as a practical lens to validate our engagement tactics and product development decisions.”

Fixed Price Car Service