25%+ reduction in working capital. New format design.

National Australia Bank
National Australia Bank


The National Australia Bank has recently placed a large focus on its retail banking capability as a major strategic and service differentiator. To this end the NAB engaged the services of Retail Doctor Group to work with their internal teams to evolve and refine the retail offer to customers and to lead the journey towards the achievement of ‘the greatest shopping experience in retail banking’.


  • Provision of a series of retail solutions that significantly enhance retail capability
  • Greater cultural and retail capability alignment
  • Detailed retail channel and business insights diagnostics.


  • Enhanced retail branch design and format – working development of shop and kiosk formats
  • 25% reduction in working capital investment
  • 15% increase in economic productivity (as defined by the client).
Format: Australian Financial Institution
Store Location: Australia wide
Number of Stores: 1,808 branches & service centres and 4656 ATMs globally
Merchandise Mix: Retail Bank
Already we can see a 25% reduction in working capital investment through the evolution of shop design and formats, a greater understanding of retail matrix and the integration required to build an even more sustainable and leading retail banking channel.”
Daniel Milentijevic
Manager Capital Works