Driving Digital Marketing Engagement



To understand current usage and pain points for digital marketing for retail partners and their alignment to the Qantas Loyalty digital offering.


Qualitative consumer insights into retailers habits, perceptions and barriers in digital marketing looking into key areas of:
  • Priorities to drive customer engagement
  • Key drivers of the strategic business objectives
  • Digital marketing spend dynamics
  • Activities used to better engage with existing and potential customers
  • Digital and mobile marketing activities
  • Managing digital marketing programs in-house vs. with external partners
  • Participation in a performance based tactical marketing platform (PBTM)
  • Reward mechanisms that motivate customers more directly.


By understanding retailer behaviours this gave insight into how to align the Qantas Loyalty digital proposition (including gaps and how to close them) and then develop strategic plan for the proposition that would be appealing to potential partners.


The outcomes from the research gave insight into how to approach potential partners including key implementation steps detailing how to get partners on board.
Format: Digital Loyalty Scheme