Insights-driven marketing strategy

Thirsty Camel
Thirsty Camel


Thirsty Camel aimed to gain a deeper understanding of their core customers and to understand how the brand can reach new target audiences. Who are their new customers? How do they talk to them? What kind of marketing is effective? RDG's Limbic Insights™ methodology was under taken with the objective of, getting a clear understanding of what the brand stands for, strategic growth opportunities and to further connect with all customer segments.


  1. Conducted Limbic Insights™ consumer research with both existing and non-customers to identify and develop target consumer personas, customer journey and behaviour including pain points, gain points, and areas of opportunity that can be optimised to attract the new target segment.
    1. Online study of a representative sample of the Australian general population sent via email and Thirsty Camel customers recruited using QR codes in store.
    2. 1,698 successful valid responses.
  2. Mystery shopping of the instore experience​.
  3. Understanding what drives awareness in the market for those not yet aware of the Thirsty Camel brand. Giving recommendations on how to attract and convert these consumers. 
  4. During this process, a key segment of consumers were identified that could be targeted with a new range of products that were not the brand's core range.


Marketing strategy developed using Limbic Insights™ personas to appeal to this new customer segment, including the creation of brand guidelines, targeted products and an improved loyalty scheme based on the identified target personas.


  1. Increase in the frequency of purchases amongst loyalty members and the overall growth of the loyalty scheme.
  2. New emotional brand positioning (uncovered in the Limbic Insights™) lead to increased awareness and conversions.
  3. Thirsty Camel displayed a clear point of difference in the market amongst its competitors.
*Average growth results experienced when full adherence to RDG proprietary methodologies has occurred.
Format: Bottle shop
Store Location: Across Australia
Number of Stores: 400
Merchandise Mix: Alcohol & beverages