From start-up channel to 80+ stores nationally Tyreright



Tyres4U identified a need to broaden their distribution channel in order to maintain and grow their market share through a changing demographic of tyre retail outlets.


In order to address this brief, Retail Doctor Group developed a strategy built around multi-channel based retail supported by a network of independent tyre dealers brought together under the branding banner of Tyreright.


  • 0 to 75 shops built and national chain developed
  • Strong revenue growth (double digit +) above industry benchmarks
  • Completed full consumer and market insights study to support operating strategy.

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Format: Wholesale / retailer of tyres and tyre related fitting services
Store Location: Australia wide
Number of Stores: 70 dealers
Merchandise Mix: Tyre sales and fitting

RDG have been instrumental in assisting us bringing the Tyreright brand to market while at the same time working with our management team to continually review and refocus our strategy and implementation. ”
Les DeCelis