Integrating digital retail capabilities

University of Wollongong
University of Wollongong


Unishop engaged Retail Doctor Group to assist in providing customer insights, developing a digital retail strategy, and subsequent implementation planning correlating the retail strategy to the actual customer experience. This was supported by implementation work including retail training, effective people programs and working capital management.


Strategy focused on improvement of retail delivery and customer service standards whilst preparing for consumer adaptation to digital technology.


Following this strategy RDG produced a fully tailored implementation roadmap ensuring that the strategy is supported and implemented by key stakeholders; including retail training and working capital management. RDG remains as an adviser and facilitator of the implementation project.


  • Double digit revenue increase
  • Digital Fit for Business™ plan with implementation roadmap delivered.
Format: University bookshop / convenience store
Store Location: University of Wollongong
Merchandise Mix: Textbooks, office supplies, stationery
The report, findings and deployment of the program to has been fantastic and is leading to significant business improvement.”
Wayne Clarke
General Manager