What do we expect consumers to do in 2022? And what trends so we expect to see to continue?

Over the past 2 years, consumer behaviour has constantly changed due to our evolving needs and requirements. There have been expected trends such as the greater need for businesses to shift to more sustainable practices, whilst others have emerged suddenly such as the greater influence of TikTok and the increasing popularity of Click and Collect. Therefore, it is important to review what happened within the past year to predict how consumers will behave in the future.

At RDG Insights, we have been gathering information on consumer behaviours from retailers and brands with the use of consumer neuroscience. The combination of “what” consumers have done and “why” they do it, helps us predict what we expect to see in 2022. More importantly, we will then be able to tell what retailers and brands can do to be on the front foot to deliver what their customers need both on a functional and emotional level.

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