Retail is changing and consumers now have different expectations in the retail environment. Whether it is where they shop, how they purchase, what they use to research, it is all now part of the evolving retail ecosystem.

Retail Doctor Group has partnered with the National Retail Association to produce a Consumer Sentiment Study that highlights consumer perceptions, motivations towards Christmas this year, 2023 expectations and resultant actions and their attitudes to a rising cost of living base as well as some retail responses, adaptations and actions.

This report will provide key statistics on consumer behaviour across the following areas:

  • Consumer Confidence and Inflation
  • Festival Retail Predictions
  • Consumer Journey
  • Instore/Online Experience
  • Loyalty
  • Retail Staff & Workplace

This research will give insight for retailers including what they can do in their business to stay ahead of the trends.

Download the 2022 NRA and RDG Consumer Sentiment Report today!

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