Brand Renaissance: Revamping the brand for a changing customer landscape

Muffin Break
Muffin Break


Muffin Break is a heritage brand with an aging customer, and with the shift in consumer demographics, the brand was seeking professional guidance on attracting a younger audience.


  1. Online study of a representative sample of the Australian general population and Muffin Break Database Sent via email.
  2. 14120 successful valid responses
  3. Limbic Insights ™ Profiling was used to create key personas that represent an opportunity for the brand


  1. Limbic Insights™ profiling showed the different customer segments, that are receptive to the brand’s messaging and products and customer personas that are ideal future targets.
  2. Development of a brand strategy and marketing plan tailored to each new customer segment whilst also building a deeper connection with their core loyalists.
  3. Understanding the current Muffin Break and competitors’ location strategy to identify potential new sites.
  4. Identification of key strategies to improve conversion of customers from aware to purchase through NPD, marketing channels and instore design.
  5. Franchisees were then profiled and then educated through a series of webinars to understand their customer and ways to connect with them.
Format: Bakery Café
Store Location: Across Australia
Number of Stores: 190
Merchandise Mix: Coffee, muffins, and bakery products